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  • Hey,

    According to the man page, it's not advisable to call bkill -r on the first kill trial:

    Use bkill -r only on jobs that cannot be killed in the operating system, or on jobs that cannot be otherwise removed using bkill.

    Also giving the following example:

    bkill -r 1045 Forces the removal of unkillable job 1045.

  • Also to check the jobs of someone else, bjobs -u requires an username or all, entering a job ID right after the -u option would most certainly search for the user which has the name of the given job ID.

    And how did you choose the necessary job specifications? Why is the wall clock limit necessary for example?

  • Hello @hugo.castel

    I ll have a look in the comments and reply to you shortly. Thanks for reading the snippet and adding on it :)

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