Commit 369fae2f authored by Mathias Goebel's avatar Mathias Goebel 🎠
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parent c3c6c509
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@
<property name="fontane.sadeproject.git.branch" value="develop"/>
<property name="fontane.sadeproject.dest" value="${build.dir}/fontane"/>
<property name="fontane.sadeproject.credentials" value="${sade.src}../SADE-Project/credentials.txt"/>
<property name="${}" value="fastdeploy"/>
<property name="" value="fastdeploy"/>
<!-- ^ path to credentials text file -->
<!-- build with rdf indexer? -->
......@@ -325,27 +325,27 @@
<available file="${fontane.sadeproject.dest}" type="dir" />
<echo message="updating textgrid-default-project git repository" />
<echo message="[fontane] updating project data git repository" />
<exec executable="git" dir="${fontane.sadeproject.dest}">
<arg value="pull"/>
<echo message="cloning ${fontane.sadeproject.git}" />
<echo message="[fontane] cloning ${fontane.sadeproject.git}" />
<git:git directory="${fontane.sadeproject.dest}" verbose="false">
<git:clone uri="${fontane.sadeproject.git}" />
<git:checkout branchName="${fontane.sadeproject.git.branch}" />
<echo message="injecting credentials" />
<echo message="[fontane] injecting credentials" />
<copy file="${fontane.sadeproject.credentials}" tofile="${fontane.sadeproject.dest}/credentials.txt"/>
<echo message="packaging sade-project-develop.xar" />
<echo message="[fontane] packaging sade-project-develop.xar" />
<equals arg1="${}" arg2="fastdeploy" />
<echo message="preparing for faster deployment" />
<echo message="[fontane] preparing for faster deployment" />
<ant antfile="${fontane.sadeproject.dest}/build.xml" target="fastdeploy" inheritAll="false" />
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