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french titles in reg list view without article

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......@@ -578,18 +578,18 @@
<word key="register_persons">
<lang key="de">Personen</lang>
<lang key="en">persons</lang>
<lang key="fr">personnes</lang>
<lang key="en">Persons</lang>
<lang key="fr">Personnes</lang>
<word key="register_places">
<lang key="de">Orte</lang>
<lang key="en">places</lang>
<lang key="fr">les lieux</lang>
<lang key="en">Places</lang>
<lang key="fr">Lieux</lang>
<word key="register_works">
<lang key="de">Werke</lang>
<lang key="en">works</lang>
<lang key="fr">les œuvres</lang>
<lang key="en">Works</lang>
<lang key="fr">Œuvres</lang>
<word key="button_other">
<lang key="de">andere</lang>
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