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Delete pre-install.xql

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xquery version "1.0";
import module namespace xdb="";
(: The following external variables are set by the repo:deploy function :)
(: file path pointing to the exist installation directory :)
declare variable $home external;
(: path to the directory containing the unpacked .xar package :)
declare variable $dir external;
(: the target collection into which the app is deployed :)
declare variable $target external;
declare function local:mkcol-recursive($collection, $components) {
if (exists($components)) then
let $newColl := concat($collection, "/", $components[1])
return (
xdb:create-collection($collection, $components[1]),
local:mkcol-recursive($newColl, subsequence($components, 2))
(: Helper function to recursively create a collection hierarchy. :)
declare function local:mkcol($collection, $path) {
local:mkcol-recursive($collection, tokenize($path, "/"))
(: store the collection configuration :)
local:mkcol("/db/system/config", $target),
xdb:store-files-from-pattern(concat("/db/system/config", $target), $dir, "*.xconf")
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