Commit 116a648e authored by Mathias Goebel's avatar Mathias Goebel 🎠
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Merge branch 'feature/restructure-navbar' into 'develop'

Restructure navbar items (cf. assets#8)

See merge request !49
parents f9969746 73b2db01
......@@ -2,14 +2,14 @@
<item label="Über SADE" label-en="About SADE" link="docs/"/>
<submenu label="Dokumentation" label-en="Documentation">
<item label="Features" label-en="Features" link="docs/"/>
<item label="Abhängigkeiten" label-en="Dependencies" link="docs/"/>
<item label="Anpassen des Portals" label-en="Customization" link="docs/"/>
<item label="Facetierte Suche" label-en="Faceted search" link="docs/"/>
<item label="Publizieren aus TextGridLab" label-en="Publish data with the TextGrid Lab" link="docs/"/>
<item label="Facettierte Suche" label-en="Faceted Search" link="docs/"/>
<item label="Publizieren aus dem TextGridLab" label-en="Publish Data with the TextGridLab" link="docs/"/>
<item label="Technische Informationen über diese Instanz" label-en="Technical Information about this Instance" link="info.html"/>
<submenu label="Weiterführende Links" label-en="Further Links">
<item label="TextGrid Benutzerhandbuch" link=""/>
<item label="TextGrid Homepage" link=""/>
<item label="Technische Informationen" label-en="Technical information" link="info.html"/>
<item label="Abhängigkeiten" label-en="Dependencies" link="docs/"/>
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