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Commit 2ab143d5 authored by mrodzis's avatar mrodzis 🌎
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Merge branch 'feature/#77-test-ant-version' into 'develop'

test for ant version

Closes #77

See merge request !57
parents 410ce306 b619dc2b
...@@ -7,6 +7,14 @@ ...@@ -7,6 +7,14 @@
<property file=""/> <property file=""/>
<xmlproperty file="expath-pkg.xml.tmpl"/> <xmlproperty file="expath-pkg.xml.tmpl"/>
<antversion property="antversion"/>
<target name="antversion-test">
<antversion property="antversionReady" atleast="1.10"/>
<fail unless="antversionReady">installed version of ant (${antversion}) is lower than the required one (1.10.0)</fail>
<echo message="installed version of ant (${antversion}) is satisfying"/>
<target name="xar" depends="cleanup"> <target name="xar" depends="cleanup">
<copy file="expath-pkg.xml.tmpl" tofile="expath-pkg.xml" filtering="true" overwrite="true"> <copy file="expath-pkg.xml.tmpl" tofile="expath-pkg.xml" filtering="true" overwrite="true">
<filterset> <filterset>
...@@ -27,7 +35,8 @@ ...@@ -27,7 +35,8 @@
<delete dir="${test.dir}"/> <delete dir="${test.dir}"/>
</target> </target>
<target name="test" depends="xar"> <target name="test" depends="antversion-test, xar">
<!-- task setpermissions requries at least ant 1.10.0 -->
<get src="${project.processorversion}.tar.bz2" dest="${build.dir}/eXist-db-${project.processorversion}.tar.bz2" skipexisting="true" /> <get src="${project.processorversion}.tar.bz2" dest="${build.dir}/eXist-db-${project.processorversion}.tar.bz2" skipexisting="true" />
<untar src="${build.dir}/eXist-db-${project.processorversion}.tar.bz2" dest="${test.dir}" compression="bzip2" /> <untar src="${build.dir}/eXist-db-${project.processorversion}.tar.bz2" dest="${test.dir}" compression="bzip2" />
<setpermissions mode="755"> <setpermissions mode="755">
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