Commit 39a4a0e5 authored by Ubbo Veentjer's avatar Ubbo Veentjer
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remove index chooser

parent 88368848
......@@ -52,19 +52,6 @@ function fsearch:searchquery($node as node(), $model as map(*)) {
return <input type="text" value="{$query}" name="q" class="form-control" />
function fsearch:choose-index($node as node(), $model as map(*)) {
let $selected := request:get-parameter("index", "default")
for $index in ("fontane", "default" )
if ($index eq $selected) then
<option selected="selected">{$index}</option>
function fsearch:hitcount($node as node(), $model as map(*)) {
......@@ -286,7 +273,6 @@ declare function local:deselected-for-key($model, $key as xs:string) {
declare function local:get-hits($model as map(*), $target as xs:string) as node()*{
let $query := request:get-parameter("q", ())
let $index := request:get-parameter("index", "default")
let $fxquery := local:construct-facet-query($model)
let $options :=
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