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Feature/#114 issue templates

Closes #114

See merge request !84
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# Description
Just leave a short summary what the bug is about and where you came to notice it.
## I expected the following to happen:
## On the contrary, I observed:
# How to reproduce the bug
Please describe briefly how you discovered the bug and what a developer has to do to reproduce it.
* Step 1
* Step 2
* ...
# Severity
How much impact does this bug have on the product or further development?
* [ ] Minor
* [ ] Major
* [ ] Critical
* [ ] Blocker
# Platform
* [ ] Unix
* [ ] Windows
* [ ] MacOS
# Program version
Which version of SADE did you use?
# Related Tickets
Add related issues if applicable.
/cc @mgoebel, @hynek, @mrodzis
# Description
Just leave a short summary what the feature is about.
# Use Cases
If you can, please provide use cases for this feature.
# Classification
Is this feature an enhancement of existing code or a completely new feature?
* [ ] enhancement
* [ ] new feature
# Related Tickets
Add all related issues if applicable.
/cc @mgoebel, @hynek, @mrodzis
......@@ -20,6 +20,10 @@ you do not have an account there, do not hesitate to
we need a short information when you received your user name to add your account
to GitLab. Please send it to [](
Currently you have two issue templates at your disposal: [Bug]( and [Feature](( Please
use one of these to create your issue to provide all information we need to swiftly
getting things done.
A ticket is not necessary for [trivial
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