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If a merge conflict occurs the person who has proposed the MR is responsible for solving all conflicts.
### Release
New features and bugfixes will be added to new releases. [Here](
you can find an overview of all releases.
#### How to set up a new release
Following the *git flow* new releases will be prepared with the CLI tool [gitflow-avh](
+ the currently active [milestone]( names the version number of SADE/SADE only! For SADE/assets, SADE/build and all others please look at the version with `grep --max-count=1 project.version <`
* is there a sufficient number of issues closed?
* move open issues to next milestone
+ remove the [branch protection]( to enable push requests to develop and master (otherwise all merges have to be done at GitLab and not locally)
+ `git flow release start '[VERSION]'` to create the release branch.
+ set the version number according to the milestone
+ `git flow release finish '[VERSION]'` to merge the release branch into master and develop.
+ add Release Notes: The first commit message (`.git/MERGE_MSG`) the command above will ask for will become the release description.
* write in markdown and escape `#` with `\#`
* insert a headline and write a short paragraph about this release
* insert sections for features and bugfixes and list all of them using the issue reference `#[ISSUENUMBER]`
+ it is possible to use the same text for the following tag and commit message
+ after successfully finishing the release process, the version for develop should be increased by a PATCH ([SemVer]( please commit this change.
+ send all of this to the remote `git push --all && git push --tags`
+ reset the [branch protection](
#### GitLab Releases
GitLab can maintain releases via API only. Therefore a CI job is used parsing the
merge message, preserving the build artifact and preparing the release.
### Meetings
Once in a month all team members will meet at an informal (and usually internal)
meeting to discuss issues and proceedings. If external participants are interested
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<ul xmlns="">
<li class="feat">Features
<li>Add a documentation on release procedure</li>
<li>Add document how to use faceted search</li>
<li>Pretty print test results on command line</li>
<li>Server side pagination for search.html</li>
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