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# Faceted search for users
This document is also related to:
* [index configuration](
* [faceted search technical documentation](
One of the key features of SADE is the faceted search functionality. It provides
a mechanism to search in the text documents and apply filter to search results.
## Search
SADE is prepared with a configured text index made for TEI documents. By default
you can find the search input filed in the to bar on every page. Simply type in
a term to query the TEI documents for.
Users can perform any search according to the [Lucene Syntax](
### Word
Searching for a single term will return the list of all documents containing the
> Example: `search.html?q=Hase`
### Phrase
Use standard double quotation marks to enclose a phrase.
> Example: `search.html?q="Meister Lampe"`
### Wildcards
The search function is able to parse two types of wildcards (replacements of any characters):
* ? → a single character
* \* → zero ore more characters
Wildcards MUST NOT appear at the beginning of a term.
> Example: `search.html?q=berlin*`
### Fuzzy Search
With the help of the `~` operator the number of hits can be extended by words
that are variants of the search term.
> Example: `search.html?q=Hase~`
This function uses the [Levenshtein distance](
and can be specified by setting a number afterwards. Allowed values are `0, 1
or 2`, the default is 2.
> Example: `search.html?q=Hase~1`
### Range
If the `~` operator is applied to a phrase, the terms within the phrase are
allowed to be spread about a number of other words. This number MUST be specifed.
> Example: `search.html?q="Meister Lampe"~10`
## Facets
Facets are filters applied to a list of hits.
### Character Mappings and Synonyms
Some character replacements and synonym lists may be applied by the
configuration. Typical replacements are applied to German Umlauts and will map
„ä“ to “ae” and so on. This is also possible for complete words (synonyms).
Please have a look at the technical documentation to learn more about this
feature and how to configure these mappings.
A search request is performed on a stable URL. This means you can share the URL
pointing to your results with others, but the search will be performed on the
current data. The URL is stable, the hits might change.
## Facets
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This document is also related to: This document is also related to:
* [index configuration]( * [index configuration](
* [faceted search user documentation](
## Configuration: basics ## Configuration: basics
As always the configuration is stored at `config.xml` in the application's root As always the configuration is stored at `config.xml` in the application's root
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