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......@@ -17,8 +17,8 @@ tracker]( This is a good place to start
a discussion about your request and we can establish a basic collaboration. If
you do not have an account there, do not hesitate to
[register]( Because this is a rather generic account,
we need a short information when you received your user name to add your account to GitLab. Please send it to
we need a short information when you received your user name to add your account
to GitLab. Please send it to [](
A ticket is not necessary for [trivial
......@@ -71,5 +71,34 @@ you can always ask for assistance.
After feedback has been given we expect responses within two weeks. After two
weeks we may close the PR if it isn't showing any activity.
# Further readings
## Internal Workflow
This part is dedicated to the internal workflow and reflects what is considered
to be best practice at Research and Development at SUB Göttingen. For an
extensive description please consult the [RDD Technical Reference](
### git flow
We are using [`git flow`](
This means that all developments will be reviewed before they will be merged to
the `develop` branch. The `develop` branch is the default one.
When a branch is dedicated to a ticket, the branch name should start with the
number of the ticket and match a pattern like `(bugfix|hotfix|feature)/#\d+-[a-z\-]`.
All issues will be arranged in [milestones]( Milestones are
always group-wide, so we combine tickets from all projects at the [SADE group](
to a single milestone.
All projects in the SADE group are using [branch protection]( ([local documentation](
for `master` and `develop` branches. No one is allowed to push
directly to these branches except for the release workflow. To be able to
merge develop to master locally and to use the git flow command line tools, both
branches will be set to **unprotected** (allow to push for maintainers) for this
single action.
### Meetings
Once in a month all team members will meet at an informal (and usually internal)
meeting to discuss issues and proceedings. If external participants are interested
in, they can contact us via [this e-mail address](
## Further readings
This guide is inspired by [Puppetlabs/puppet/]( and [thoughtbot/factory_bot_rails/]( Both are mentioned in a [blog article at GitHub](
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