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SADE is provided as Debian package for Debian based Linux distributions like Ubuntu.
### Installation from command line
Latest snapshot development packages can be downloaded from
After downloading the latest Debian package, install it from command line
sudo dpkg -i sade_*.deb
while selecting the appropriate version and date of the package. After the package's
installation, eXist-db fires up and is available at [http://localhost:8080/](http://localhost:8080/).
### Installation with Debian's Software Center
Another option to install SADE is using Debian's Software Center. First, download a SADE
Debian package as described above and double click on it from your desktop environments
file manager. The Software Center should launch and guide you through the installation.
As soon as the installation is complete, eXist-db takes a moment to fire up and is
then available at [http://localhost:8080/](http://localhost:8080/).
## All Operating Systems
Make sure to have [Java]( at least in version 1.8 installed.
Make sure you have [Java]( installed at least in version
Download SADE as zip file:
Download SADE as a zip file:
* [latest release]( - recommended
* [lastest unstable and untested build](<namespace>/<project>/-/jobs/artifacts/<ref>/download?job=<job_name>
Unzip the `` file and change to the `build/sade/bin` directory.
Start the service with `./` (Linux/Mac) or `startup.bat` (Windows).
If you are experiencing problems starting SADE this way you may also try to change to the
`build/sade` directory and enter `java -jar start.jar jetty` from the command line.
Unzip the file ``and change to directory `build/sade/bin`
Finally, eXist-db's front and back end are available at [http://localhost:8080/](http://localhost:8080/)
and the local SADE is visible at
Start the service with `./` (Linux/Mac) or `startup.bat` (Windows).
## How to log in
If you have problems starting SADE this way you may also try to change to directory `build/sade` and enter `java -jar start.jar jetty`
SADE is initialized with a default superuser `admin` with an empty password.
Finally eXist front and back end is available at [http://localhost:8080/](http://localhost:8080/) and the local SADE is visible at
__Caution:__ Provide the superuser `admin` with a password, if you plan to deploy your
SADE instance to a server.
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<change version="4.2.0">
<change version="5.0.0">
<ul xmlns="">
<li class="feat">Features
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<li>Add document how to use faceted search</li>
<li>Pretty print test results on command line</li>
<li>Server side pagination for search.html</li>
<li>Enhance documentation about how to install SADE</li>
<li class="bugs">Bugfixes
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