Commit e8232f40 authored by mrodzis's avatar mrodzis 💪 Committed by Mathias Goebel
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Feature/search (closes #14)

parent e0951c31
......@@ -59,6 +59,7 @@ declare function app:get-prefix() {
declare function app:css-injection($node as node(), $model as map(*), $exist-resource) {
switch ($exist-resource)
case "publish.html" return <link href="~assets/publish-gui/publish-gui.css" rel="stylesheet"/>
case "search.html" return <link href="~assets/faceted-search/search.css" rel="stylesheet"/>
case "content.html" return
(<link href="~assets/TEI-Stylesheets/tei.css" rel="stylesheet"/>,
<link href="templates/css/content.css" rel="stylesheet"/>)
......@@ -229,13 +229,13 @@ declare function local:facet($model as map(*), $hits as node()*, $key as xs:stri
let $facetRemoveQuery := replace($facetReq, $key || ":" || xmldb:encode($facet) || "," , "")
<li class="facetSelected">
<a class="facet-minus" href="{ $search-html }?q={ $query }&amp;facet={ $facetRemoveQuery }&amp;order={ $order }&amp;order-by={ $order-by }">-</a>
<a class="facet-minus" href="{ $search-html }?q={ $query }&amp;facet={ $facetRemoveQuery }&amp;order={ $order }&amp;order-by={ $order-by }"><i class="fas fa-minus"></i> </a>
{ $facet } ({ $freq })
<a class="facet-minus" href="{ $search-html }?q={ $query }&amp;facet={ $key }:!{ xmldb:encode($facet) },{ $facetReq }&amp;order={ $order }&amp;order-by={ $order-by }">-</a>
<a href="{ $search-html }?q={ $query }&amp;facet={ $key }:{ xmldb:encode($facet) },{ $facetReq }&amp;order={ $order }&amp;order-by={ $order-by }">{ $facet }</a> ({ $freq })
<a class="facet-minus" href="{ $search-html }?q={ $query }&amp;facet={ $key }:!{ xmldb:encode($facet) },{ $facetReq }&amp;order={ $order }&amp;order-by={ $order-by }"><i class="fas fa-plus"></i></a>
<a href="{ $search-html }?q={ $query }&amp;facet={ $key }:{ xmldb:encode($facet) },{ $facetReq }&amp;order={ $order }&amp;order-by={ $order-by }">{ $facet } </a> ({ $freq })
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