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......@@ -95,6 +95,17 @@ merge develop to master locally and to use the git flow command line tools, both
branches will be set to **unprotected** (allow to push for maintainers) for this
single action.
### Merge requests (MR)
Merge requests are peer reviewed before merging them into `develop`.
Please choose a person you see fit as assignee.
Always squash commit your MR and make sure the source branch (hotfix/bugfix/feature) is deleted after the MR has been accepted.
In case an assignee wants something to be changed in the MR, the MR is reassigned to the original reviser of the issue.
After implementing (or declining) the desired suggestions, the MR is reassigned to the original assignee.
If a merge conflict occurs the person who has proposed the MR is responsible for solving all conflicts.
### Meetings
Once in a month all team members will meet at an informal (and usually internal)
meeting to discuss issues and proceedings. If external participants are interested
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