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fixed icon mime-type

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...@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ ...@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
<!-- <meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="50; url=#"> --> <!-- <meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="50; url=#"> -->
<link rel="preload" href="static/style.css" as="style"> <link rel="preload" href="static/style.css" as="style">
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="static/style.css"> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="static/style.css">
<link rel="icon" type="image/jpg" href="static/img/logo.png"/> <link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="static/img/logo.png"/>
</head> </head>
<!-- <!--
Für technikaffine Menschen: Für technikaffine Menschen:
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