Commit 9ff35b53 authored by Henrik tom Wörden's avatar Henrik tom Wörden
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parent 8b118ec7
......@@ -173,11 +173,11 @@ unzip:
for f in $(LIBS_ZIP); do unzip -o -d libs $$f; done
PYLINT = pylint -d all -e E,F
PYLINT = pylint3 -d all -e E,F
PYTHON_FILES = $(subst $(ROOT_DIR)/,,$(shell find $(ROOT_DIR)/ -iname "*.py"))
pylint: $(PYTHON_FILES)
for f in $(PYTHON_FILES); do $(PYLINT) $$f || exit 1; done
PYLINT_LOCAL = /usr/bin/pylint -d all -e E,F
PYLINT_LOCAL = /usr/bin/pylint3 -d all -e E,F
pylint-local: $(PYTHON_FILES)
for f in $(PYTHON_FILES); do $(PYLINT_LOCAL) $$f || exit 1; done
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