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# Welcome Panel
The Welcome Panel shows a welcome message to the authenticated or anonymous user. It is shown in the webinterface when nothing elso would be there.
# Implementation and Customization
The `src/core/xsl/main.xsl` calls the named XSL template "welcome" if the `/Response` node of the server's response has less than 2 child nodes and none of them are `Info`, `Warning` or `Error` nodes. This rule is that complicated because most of the time there is a `/Response/UserInfo` node which does not generate any visual content and will therefore be ignored.
The "welcome" template is defined in `src/core/xsl/welcome.xsl` and shows a html `div` per default. It should be overridden by a `src/ext/xsl/welcome.xsl` to show some useful welcome message. Just copy the core file to the ext directory and change it. The welcome message's `div` should have the class `caosdb-f-welcome-panel` just as in the default definition.
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