Commit 277f98b3 authored by Bjoern Nachtwey's avatar Bjoern Nachtwey
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addes a simple script for evaluating progress of weekly backup

parent 32dc9de5
#! /bin/bash
for i in $(ls *.all.log)
total=$(printf " %10d " $(grep 'CMD: >>"/usr/bin/dsmc" i "/mnt/oc_stor_userdata' $i | wc -l))
trans=$(printf " %10d " $(grep "Total number of bytes transferred" $i | grep -v "0 B" | wc -l))
e4005=$(printf " %10d " $(grep ANR4005E"" $i | grep -v "0 B" | wc -l))
ratio=$(printf "%4.2lf %%" $(echo "$trans / $total * 100" | bc -l))
echo $i ": Total folders processed :" $total
echo $i ": Folders with Data stored:" $trans
echo $i ": ratio :" $ratio
echo $i ": ANR4005E Errors :" $e4005
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