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Merge branch 'feature/xar-deployment' into 'master'

feature(xar-deployment): add resource definition for xar files

See merge request !2
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nginx: "#{source_dir}"
apt: "git://"
repo: "puppetlabs/java"
ref: "3.0.0"
repo: "puppet/nginx"
ref: "1.0.0"
# The baseline for module testing used by Puppet Labs is that each manifest
# should have a corresponding test manifest that declares that class or defined
# type.
# Tests are then run by using puppet apply --noop (to check for compilation
# errors and view a log of events) or by fully applying the test in a virtual
# environment (to compare the resulting system state to the desired state).
# Learn more about module testing here:
class {'::existdb': }
{ 'tesfile.xar' :
xar_name => 'testfile.xar',
xar_source => '',
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