1. 09 Oct, 2014 4 commits
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      Improved WADL URL guessing. · 03f15f4f
      thorsten.vitt authored
      For some strange reason, the port is missing from the UriInfo record,
      but only on the production server. This fix introduces some attempts to
      guess the URI, it also adds the WADL uri to the bottom of the help
      screen. For this to work, you need either (or both) of the following
      lines in the nginx config:
          proxy_set_header        X-Original-Request-URI $scheme://$host$uri;
          proxy_set_header        Host $proxy_host;
      The first one adds a proprietary header with the full "external" request
      URI, the second fixes the standard Host: http header to include the port
      (which is somehow missing in the nginx default). If the
      X-Original-Request-URI header is present and works (i.e. -> 200 OK), it
      is used, using this method you will also get a useful link at the bottom
      of the help page.
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      Improved EPUB integration test. · b29a3bbb
      thorsten.vitt authored
      This will fail (refs #11497) since it regards errors in the EPUB as test
      failure. It will write a short report beside the downloaded epub files
      in target/E-Books.
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