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For releasing a new Geo-Browser and Datasheet version, please have a look at the [DARIAH-DE Release Management Page](
## Deployment Workflow
The deployment workflows for SNAPSHOT and RELEASE deployments are covered by the Jenkinsfile of each branch, please see [Jenkinsfile](./Jenkinsfile), and of course the [DARIAH-DE Jenkins]( installation.
## Specials in Geo-Browser and Datasheet releases are the following
### Release PLATIN first (if changed)
You must first release the [DARIAH-DE PLATIN Library]( (only if changed at all!)
To do this, merge the updated `develop` branch into the `master` branch. During Geo-Browser release, only PLATIN's `master` branch will be checked out (for both BETA and release version). The URL to the storage will be determined automatically depending on the URL of the application.
git checkout develop
git flow release start 3.6.9
Edit the file `./PLATIN/js/GeoTemConfig.js` and maybe adapt all references and links from BETA versions and DEVELOPMENT services to RELEASE and PRODUCTIVE (such as DARIAH-DE OwnStorage):
* dariahOwnStorageURL
* dataSheetEditor
git commit -am "New RELEASE version 3.6.9"
git flow release finish 3.6.9
Edit `./PLATIN/js/GeoTemConfig.js` again and change back the
### Release Geo-Browser
* dariahOwnStorageURL
* dataSheetEditor
* Update the [](./ to the new RELEASE version
git commit -m "Update changelog for new RELEASE version 3.6.9"
git push origin develop
git commit -am "New SNAPSHOT version 3.6.10-BETA"
git push origin develop master --tag
* Update the version number in **package.json** by typing **one** of these commands, depending on the type of change:
### Release Geo-Browser
npm version patch # e.g. 3.6.8 --> 3.6.9
npm version minor # e.g. 3.6.8 --> 3.7.0
npm version major # e.g. 3.6.8 --> 4.0.0
git checkout develop
git pull
git flow release start 3.6.9
* Please adapt the [Jenkinsfile](./Jenkinsfile) for the release version, please see comments there.
- Use `package_version = '3.6.9-BETA` for BETA deployment at [](, and
- use `package_version = '3.6.9'` for RELEASE deployment at [](
* Adapt the version strings in the following files:
- [index.html](./index.html)
- [edit/index.html](./edit/index.html)
- [edit/list.html](./edit/list.html)
- [embed/index.html](./embed/index.html)] (comment only!)
- [docs/](./docs/
* Adapt all references to RELEASE and PRODUCTIVE services in config files
- [js/dariah.geobro.conf.js](./js/dariah.geobro.conf.js)
* Update the [](./ to the new RELEASE version
This will increase the version automatically and create a version commit and tag. Afterwards, just do:
git commit -am "String changes for new RELEASE version 3.6.9"
git flow release finish 3.6.9
git push --follow-tags
* Increase version in Jenkinsfile (such as `3.6.10-BETA`) and change back Jenkinsfile release adaptations.
* Increase version and add “-BETA“ in all above mentioned files.
The tag will trigger the `develop` (BETA) pipeline on Gitlab CI and deploy this version on the BETA server.
git commit -am "New SNAPSHOT version 3.6.10-BETA"
git push origin develop mater --tags
Once this has been finished successfully, you can RELEASE the same version on the live server. All URL updates / version names will be handled automatically. You just need to trigger the `master` (RELEASE) pipeline by merging `develop` into `master`.
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