Commit 002acb89 authored by Ubbo Veentjer's avatar Ubbo Veentjer
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resolve merge conflict

parents 8e3094a8 a9ebe56e
......@@ -29,5 +29,9 @@
[submodule "bundled-jre"]
path = bundled-jre
url =
<<<<<<< HEAD
branch = feature/photon
branch = develop
>>>>>>> develop
base @ 8a9b4a86
Subproject commit 3d05f3b2308d9d8955b75ea5bbc6f93f961a6b62
Subproject commit 8a9b4a8624f0f661a547cc4a1f4fd82b0c3a31fd
Subproject commit 09ebbd2f5d53471a0744418eb4602a71ce45c661
Subproject commit c8634c06c680bad55a646e00786564c1d14b0663
core @ 6750073c
Subproject commit 893ce0d56e4053d3ce40e8150899a631af71f4e1
Subproject commit 6750073c2cb48f524ee521b0445333590809a306
dictionaries @ f58add5c
Subproject commit 7fb9bac6a3504ef54af7bf680d0776a1e15833dc
Subproject commit f58add5cdf68dfb2b3e19d32da4437e6596746b0
help @ 9c3079e2
Subproject commit 8aab243893df63f25c2bfb6f25ef3e3ab1a4136e
Subproject commit 9c3079e2b64a7d2e932ec4309f80f0373dcb0bf3
linkeditor @ 7a5b98e4
Subproject commit 04bf92197c1c761e4b265f8475ba6036bb11f168
Subproject commit 7a5b98e48b7f222da9a049bd2303918c2a6d510c
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