Commit 16f2c1d8 authored by Ubbo Veentjer's avatar Ubbo Veentjer
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add Jenkinsfile

parent 88818c2b
node {
def mvnHome
stage('preparation') {
mvnHome = tool 'Maven 3.0.4'
checkout scm
stage('deploy') {
//if (env.BRANCH_NAME == 'develop' || env.BRANCH_NAME.startsWith('release/')) {
if (env.BRANCH_NAME == 'develop') {
echo "deploying to nexus"
sh "${mvnHome}/bin/mvn -f ./parent/pom.xml -U clean verify deploy"
} else {
echo "not deploying to nexus"
sh "${mvnHome}/bin/mvn -f ./parent/pom.xml -U clean verify "
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