Commit 3a4720d8 authored by thorsten.vitt's avatar thorsten.vitt
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Updated submodules.

* base eed0af5...f17f6c4 (1):
  > Added debugging for JAXP

* core 627feed...caa6d89 (2):
  > Secure LockingService against null objects.
  > Set internal transformer factory before calling JAXB.

* linkeditor a6a8615...b851424 (3):
  > Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
  > Check for loaded_object not to be null in unlocking the tgl object.
  > Removed unused import statements. Removed CycleRecoverble.Context #16770

* xmleditor e3c7475...3ee0353 (1):
  > Fixed NPE in schema resolver
parent e945ab8f
base @ f17f6c4c
Subproject commit eed0af5a772e59194534d0ff6aa5a4eac28e3987
Subproject commit f17f6c4c896dc16a341beeaf489bcf45b46aea51
core @ caa6d891
Subproject commit 627feed54a6458eaa7fae8425bb7cfe93419ce41
Subproject commit caa6d891e5d3c4ba13bcff2f705b945ae13baecf
linkeditor @ b851424a
Subproject commit a6a8615b1e89e3dbff2c753a82c9de1fdcab61ee
Subproject commit b851424a1bd036abc51b4e69f02e51dce9fea880
xmleditor @ 3ee0353e
Subproject commit e3c747552f3c5e8d158393b834850e564174871c
Subproject commit 3ee0353e3c44e1fd842fdb0fc2a5519aec2ed14a
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