Commit 908b4874 authored by thorsten.vitt's avatar thorsten.vitt
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Updated submodules

parent 375b62e7
base @ a0f1116d
Subproject commit 4d72ab2cd4609a5dc5860beaf5bb9c9a60afe455
Subproject commit a0f1116d9f46d0eddd7134adf2bb4284cf9c7a97
core @ 47216509
Subproject commit f1b596a68c7b31eecc3a4c55d74e5fbbd700bb94
Subproject commit 472165094aa63a351afdbc385341c48a19dcc2f4
xmleditor @ ed49babc
Subproject commit c4f7b7b575d5cd3412334276d5a9dd8ae7dcac49
Subproject commit ed49babc0ad0d2442381387d8ddfb9bba1a3500d
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