Commit 9309f10f authored by Ubbo Veentjer's avatar Ubbo Veentjer
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Merge branch 'feature/jenkinsfile' into develop

parents 88818c2b e1dd7da7
node {
def mvnHome
stage('preparation') {
mvnHome = tool 'Maven 3.0.4'
checkout scm
stage('deploy') {
//if (env.BRANCH_NAME == 'develop' || env.BRANCH_NAME.startsWith('release/')) {
if (env.BRANCH_NAME == 'develop') {
echo "deploying to nexus - branch is ${env.BRANCH_NAME}"
sh "${mvnHome}/bin/mvn -f ./parent/pom.xml -U clean verify deploy"
} else {
echo "not deploying to nexus - branch is ${env.BRANCH_NAME}"
sh "${mvnHome}/bin/mvn -f ./parent/pom.xml -U clean verify "
base @ 3fdf1ca3
Subproject commit c7975a7a1eb442f0167723f5630a9fe8969ca91b
Subproject commit 3fdf1ca379bc4e4ef11f484b4372b874fdf41d7c
core @ cecbfdc3
Subproject commit dacafeb89b28b1a2b75265a5401bbf82b7ff2fd2
Subproject commit cecbfdc3c3196b7a0c621859c95b95d602f607f8
dictionaries @ 71557740
Subproject commit 2417b5548c8519fb7b8f218797e145f6c633f827
Subproject commit 71557740cea7dfd1479e334e225e019e3f77b776
help @ 7c64c3a1
Subproject commit d8e17ac18dab7600162d700ffc71788955137770
Subproject commit 7c64c3a179ecd07b256016ad3c4a3855f1ee0410
linkeditor @ 15dcc279
Subproject commit 1b588b6736bb76c436d497d73cc1405397bf3a85
Subproject commit 15dcc279d0de3eabf2e665a6761a50b8c43b3202
Subproject commit fd29c0a29f93bda400369370a06ed24540bc8194
Subproject commit 1b748f7377e614c3c3353137e20da49d308ef445
xmleditor @ 4f88644f
Subproject commit 1e7b11f48567f52a97fb2acffba7267ea5923b98
Subproject commit 4f88644f1d077f47b9e91da4bd376d07cde711ab
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