Commit e9e9f0c9 authored by thorsten.vitt's avatar thorsten.vitt
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Merge tag '3.2' into develop

TextGridLab 3.2

TextGridLab 3.2 includes a Spanish translation as well as multiple bugfixes in
various components, including the Text Image Link Editor, the locking mechanism
and revision handling. This version also fixes some issues with current
versions of Java and Oxygen.
parents 3a4720d8 6125dca3
[submodule "textgridlab-dependencies"]
path = textgridlab-dependencies
url =
branch = develop
branch = master
[submodule "core"]
path = core
url =
branch = develop
branch = master
[submodule "base"]
path = base
url =
branch = develop
branch = master
[submodule "xmleditor"]
path = xmleditor
url =
branch = develop
branch = master
[submodule "help"]
path = help
url =
branch = develop
branch = master
[submodule "linkeditor"]
path = linkeditor
url =
branch = develop
branch = master
[submodule "dictionaries"]
path = dictionaries
url =
branch = develop
branch = master
base @ 2f0a4529
Subproject commit f17f6c4c896dc16a341beeaf489bcf45b46aea51
Subproject commit 2f0a4529486da5f9658fa144eead1eb0d20ee6d6
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ PROJECTS="${PROJECTS-textgridlab-dependencies core help xmleditor linkeditor dic
# maven executable
# maven default args, augmented by command line and repo path
MVN_ARGS="${MVN_ARGS-clean package}"
core @ 3c23aba9
Subproject commit caa6d891e5d3c4ba13bcff2f705b945ae13baecf
Subproject commit 3c23aba9c9063e88a8830938b9d3dae37d26bf2b
dictionaries @ ac10581b
Subproject commit 72ae763d362b7e7713c3aa658ab9e24dee187fe6
Subproject commit ac10581b35fe9be78bf11b4f62557f15d7b4c6ce
help @ 4b85b89d
Subproject commit 8e6e5e5adf1d615ed0090c50e03ab91a95ca2b51
Subproject commit 4b85b89d67bf82c15ecce07fc02886cfa53a6386
linkeditor @ ba75ee7d
Subproject commit b851424a1bd036abc51b4e69f02e51dce9fea880
Subproject commit ba75ee7dddbd56e5139442c56abc8e2f31db30ff
textgridlab-dependencies @ cc318020
Subproject commit 105f872343ac98d00987cbc6981025d8dec1bfca
Subproject commit cc31802004add9b06e0a077cadcf01c3c591374b
xmleditor @ 9657debd
Subproject commit 3ee0353e3c44e1fd842fdb0fc2a5519aec2ed14a
Subproject commit 9657debd414f401a6bd6a7aded20c2d37141e0c6
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