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# Documentation pages in the TextGridRep portal
This folder contains all static pages belonging to the TextGridRep portal. They are all written in [Markdown](
## Naming schema
The files in this directory follow the naming scheme
Where `pagename` is the identifier used for the page. Supported languages are English and German, they are coded by their iso code, so `en` for English and `de` for German. The `.md` extension identifies the file as Markdown file.
The markdown files are later rendered as html within the TextGridRep portal page in the location /docs/ identified by their `pagename`.
This means `` is shown at <> if your language is English, `` is shown if you switch to German.
Some more examples:
* []( -> <> - choose lang English
* []( -> <> - choose lang German
* []( -> <> - choose lang English
* []( -> <> - choose lang German
### /
An exception from the naming scheme is `` or `` which is not only available at <> but also at the root of the portal: <> . If you want to refer to it do not use the `docs/index` location ;-).
## Deployment / development system:
If you make changes like changing or adding files these will be available automatically on the [development system]( within at most half an hour. You will find your page by its pagename in the /docs/ folder, even if its not yet linked from anywhere. So a new page `` will be visible at `` if the language is English.
## Syntax
The Markdown syntax used is described in the [CommonMark Spec 0.29](
### Linking between pages
Linking between pages is possible, adress them by their relative adress in the `/docs/` section. Refer to the syntax.[en/de].md document as to `/docs/syntax`. Example:
Find more info on the [syntax](/docs/syntax) page.
### Images
There is no place for placing own images yet, I will work on it and update this document accordingly. Feel free to ask if you need this feature urgently.
### Markdown parser in use / supported syntax / extensions
For parsing Markdwon and rendering HTML the [commonmark-java]( library is used. Currently implemented by this library is the [CommonMark Spec 0.29]( Look at the [CommonMark Dingus]( for testing and previewing the syntax.
Currently there are no extensions activated, but there are some [available](, if you need one just ask.
If there is a need for even more extensions or different syntax we may painlessly switch to [flexmark-java]( for parsing, which is a commonmark-java fork wich supports a lot more different markdown flavours and extensions.
Supports Markdown
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