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version = '3.1.5'
sourceCompatibility = '1.8'
repositories {
# Unfortunately this document is available in German only. An English version will be available shortly.
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# Download
You can download the objects contained in TextGridRep in various formats. The TextGrid user manual explains in detail what [types of objects]( there are.
## Differentiation of objects in TextGridRep
As an example, this is the catalog view when searching "Ideen herder".
![ListeNachSuche - Download](images/liste-download.png)
The different object types such as **texts, editions or works** are identified by symbols next to the title of the object. Here is an example of the **edition** type:
![Icon1 - Download](images/icon1ok-download.png)
And here for the **text** type:
![Icon2 - Download](images/icon2ok-download.png)
For editions and aggregations, you can only access the metadata via "Download" in the catalog view, but not the object Plant and the associated full text.
## Download texts
**Users are often interested in downloading individual texts or text collections.** For this purpose, it is useful to filter the search results by file type "txt / xml" or "text / + xml" (selectable in the menu on the left).
In the screenshot you can see the filter selection for the example of Goethe's "Faust, Part One": file type "text / + xml". To go straight to the text, click on the heading.
![Dateityp/Textauswahl - Download](images/Screenshot2-download.png)
The textual resources are available as XML-TEI, plain text (txt), e-book (epub) or in HTML format. You can also download a zip file that contains XML files with the metadata and the main resource (in TEI-XML). In the next screenshot you can see the different formats in the menu on the left. You can access this view at the object level as described above via the title selection in the catalog view (click on the title heading).
![Dateityp/Listeformate - Download](images/listeformate-download.png)
# Unfortunately this document is available in German only. An English version will be available shortly.
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# Errata
Currently, errata only refers to works from the [digital library in TextGrid](
Since the bibliographic metadata of the digital library have been extracted from the template, errors cannot be ruled out any more than in a printed work.
Once published in the TextGrid Repository, these known 'printing errors' can only be improved in the event of a revision (similar to a new edition) of the entire work (the digital library).
Until this revision, known errata are listed here. The same applies to all other texts in the TextGrid Repository, where revisions are easier due to smaller corpora.
If you find similar errata yourself, please report them to: [](
1. [Lazarillo de Tormes]( Hurtado de Mendoza was incorrectly entered as the author:
TextGrid Repository (2012). Mendoza, Diego Hurtado. Lazarillo de Tormes. Digital library. Right: Anonymous. Lazarillo de Tormes.
This is already correctly stated in the notes on the work: “This is an anonymous work by various authors. Hurtado de Mendoza is also attributed. Created before 1530.
First printed: probably Burgos 1552/53 (text lost). The earliest three prints preserved are: Burgos 1554, Alcalá 1554 and Amberes 1554.
All three are based on lost editions and not on manuscripts. Here after translation from I.G. Keil."
2. In the case of the brothers Paul and Josef Weidmann, participation in authorship is often not clarified, the metadata from different sources contradict each other:
Example of the drama [Der Dorfbarbier]( Paul Weidmann is listed as the author, but the name of the brother is written in the notes: "Composed by Johann Baptist Schenk.
Libretto in collaboration with Josef Weidmann. First performed on October 30, 1979, Kärntnertor-Theater, Vienna."
The [German Digital Library]( also does not resolve this contradiction. The page on Paul Weidmann in the [German Bibliography]( offers a detailed explanation.
# Unfortunately this document is available in German only. An English version will be available shortly.
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# Shelf
The "Shelf" function in the TextGrid Repository offers the option of compiling individual corpora in the form of collections. This corpora can then be downloaded or used with other tools.
## Add texts to the shelf
For example, users may want to compile a corpus of texts from the field of show literature in the 19th century. In this case they would select the desired texts, for example by E.A. Poe, E.T.A. Hoffmann, Jules Verne, Lena Christ and Charles Baudelaire. Each text is thus added to the personal shelf.
![select - shelf](images/Select-shelf.png)
## Manage texts on the shelf
The shelf can then be viewed and further managed via the "Shelf" view. Individual objects can be removed, viewed and analyzed individually (annotated), or downloaded and analyzed individually or collectively.
## Download shelf
The texts from the shelf can be downloaded in various formats:
- E-book: All texts in one ePUB document.
- ZIP: All texts in a zip folder, with different folders for each text, each with separate metadata and XML-TEI files.
- TEI-Corpus: All texts in a single XML-TEI document with all metadata.
![Download - shelf](images/Download-shelf.PNG)
## Analyze text collection from the shelf
The complete text collection can also be directly analyzed further using the [Voyant](/docs/voyant) tool.
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# Searching in the TextGrid Repository
## The syntax of Apache Lucene
......@@ -39,7 +38,8 @@ Search queries can be altered in different ways. There are place holders, option
* **Relevance:** By adding a ^ and a number after a search term or phrase, they can be marked as more relevant, e.g. `TextGrid^5 Repository`. The standard value is 1.
Some characters must be masked with a \ : `+ - && || ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ " ~ * ? : \.`
## Operators
Lucene uses Logical connectives to combine search terms and phrases. The standard value is OR, which is equal to ||. Logical connectives must be written in capital letters.
# Unfortunately this document is available in German only. An English version will be available shortly.
# Voyant in TextGrid
**Voyant Tools** aims to provide web-based access to collections of texts for exploration and analysis.
The service **Voyant in Textgrid** allows users to do quantitative analyses of the [Digital Library]( and other projects, directly in the TextGrid Repository.
## Analyzing individual texts in TextGrid
When displaying a text in the TextGrid Repository, the menu on the left lists Voyant under the tools category.
![Link zu Voyant](images/voyant-link.png)
Clicking "Voyant" will [load the selected text in Voyant](
![Text in Voyant](images/single-text-voyant.png)
## Analysis of text collections (corpora) from TextGrid
Not only single texts but complete corpora (text collections) can be transferred directly from TextGrid Repository to Voyant. In the [TextGrid Repository](, several texts can be added to a [shelf](/docs/shelf) to create a corpus that is adapted to your own research question. This shelf also offers the option to analyze directly with Voyant Tools.
For example, you can add [12 dramatic texts by Friedrich Schiller]( to a shelf and then have this collection [analyzed as a whole by Voyant](,textgrid:tz9d.0,textgrid:txtj.0,textgrid:tzgk.0,textgrid:tx4z.0,textgrid:tz39.0,textgrid:v0d8.0,textgrid:v0hv.0,textgrid:v0nx.0,textgrid:tz0c.0,textgrid:v0fv.0,textgrid:twt3.0?meta=false&only=text/xml):
![Textsammlung in Voyant](images/corpus-voyant.png)
To find out more about the functionality of the "shelf" option, read more [here](/docs/shelf).
## Added value of integrating Voyant into TextGrid
The integration enables the use of Voyant without any previous knowledge. This means that users do not have to deal with document management. Specifically, this means: You do not need to download the texts from the TextGrid Repository, save them on your own device and then upload them again in Voyant. This service is particularly aimed at learners and teachers from linguistics and literary studies who want to get started with quantitative analysis within the text collections of the TextGrid Repository, such as the [digital library]( For example, teachers can send the link to Voyant Tools, created via TextGridRep and containing a specific text collection, directly to the students.
## Other functionalities from Voyant
Voyant in TextGrid shows word frequencies and distributions for selected texts and allows to easily explore and visualize properties of the selected texts. This enables stylistic features such as the use of words in opposite contexts, word clusters at characteristic points in the overall body or in the individual text, to be recognized and displayed at a glance. In the context of literary studies analyzes to support the interpretation from close reading, this can be the impetus to look at one or many texts from a different quantitative perspective.
## Further examples
- [*Wilhelm Meister's Journeyman Years, or The Renunciations*]( by [Johann Wolfgang Goethe]( (in German), in [Voyant](
- [*The Sandman*]( by [E. T. A. Hoffmann]( (in German), in [Voyant](
- [*Journey around the world in 80 days*]( by [Jules Verne]( (in German), in [Voyant](
- [*Macbeth*]( by [William Shakespeare]( (in German), in [Voyant](
- [*Don Quixote*]( by [Miguel de Cervantes]( (in German), in [Voyant](
- [*The Divine Comedy*]( by [Dante Alighieri]( (in German), in [Voyant](
- [*La Celestina (Tragicomedia de Calisto y Melibea)*]( by [Fernando de Rojas]( (in Spanish), in [Voyant](
For the selection of texts it is advisable to take a look at the contents of the TextGridRep, which can be filtered by [author](/facet/edition.agent.value?order=term:asc), by [genre](/facet/work.genre), by [file type](/facet/format) and by [project](
## Credit
- [Sinclair, Stéfan and Geoffrey Rockwell, 2016. Voyant Tools. Web.](
## Further documentation and tutorials
- [Voyant Tools documentation](!/guide/start)
- [Tutorial written by the developer of Voyant](!/guide/tutorial)
- [Introductory video about Voyant by forTEXT & CATMA]( (in German)
- [Gutierrez de la Torre, Silvia. “Análisis de corpus with Voyant Tools.” The Programming Historian en español, no.3.]( (In Spanish).
## Integration of the tool in TextGrid
TextGrid uses an instance of [Voyant Tools]( that can be accessed directly from the TextGridRep website.
## Further questions?
If you have any further questions about the integration of Voyant and TextGrid, please [contact us](
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dt { font-weight: bold; }
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/* from browse.jsp */
iframe {
width: 100%;
.clearboth {
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.drunkenowl {
float:right; width: 30%;
......@@ -278,3 +278,28 @@
float: right
/* more style mods */
padding: 0
margin-left: 0
font-weight: bold
dd + dt
margin-top: 13px
// for browse
width: 100%
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float: right
width: 30%
@import settings
@import fa-icons-map
// Requires sass-glob plugin
@import "mixins/index"
@import fonts
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<link rel="stylesheet" href="/css/custom.css">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/css/more.css">
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......@@ -174,7 +174,7 @@
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${i18n['higher-rev-msg-pt1']} ${metadata.object.generic.generated.revision} ${i18n['higher-rev-msg-pt2']}
<a href="/browse/${latestRevisionUri}&mode=${mode}">Revision ${latestRevision}</a>.
<a href="/browse/${latestRevisionUri}?mode=${mode}">Revision ${latestRevision}</a>.
......@@ -199,6 +199,7 @@
<%@ include file="components/singleGalleryResult.jsp" %>
<div class="clearboth"></div>
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