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i18n for newer revision warning. closes #45

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......@@ -87,6 +87,9 @@ aggregation-citation-heading=Zitationsvorschlag für diese Aggregation
work-citation-heading=Zitationsvorschlag für dieses Werk
item-citation-heading=Zitationsvorschlag für dieses Objekt
higher-revision-available=Höhere Revision vorhanden
higher-rev-msg-pt1=Aktuell wird Revision
higher-rev-msg-pt2=des Dokumentes angezeigt. Eine höhere Revision des Dokumentes wurde publiziert:
usersettings=Persönliche Einstellungen
......@@ -87,6 +87,9 @@ aggregation-citation-heading=Citation Suggestion for this Aggregation
work-citation-heading=Citation Suggestion for this Work
item-citation-heading=Citation Suggestion for this Object
higher-revision-available=Higher revision available
higher-rev-msg-pt1=You are viewing revision
higher-rev-msg-pt2=of this document. A higher revision of this document has been published:
usersettings=Personal Settings
......@@ -168,9 +168,8 @@
<c:if test="${higherRevisionAvailable}">
<fieldset class="tgrep advanced-search_fieldset">
<legend class="tgrep advanced-search_legend">Higher revision available</legend>
You are now viewing revision ${metadata.object.generic.generated.revision} of this document.
A higher revision of this document has been published:
<legend class="tgrep advanced-search_legend">${i18n['higher-revision-available']}</legend>
${i18n['higher-rev-msg-pt1']} ${metadata.object.generic.generated.revision} ${i18n['higher-rev-msg-pt2']}
<a href="/browse/${latestRevisionUri}">Revision ${latestRevision}</a>.
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