Unverified Commit 52becd30 authored by Valerius's avatar Valerius Committed by GitHub
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Merge pull request #38 from valerius21/renovate/docker-build-push-action-digest

chore(deps): update docker/build-push-action commit hash to 04841f2
parents 91dd6f63 75f82b0d
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ jobs:
password: ${{ secrets.DOCKER_PASSWORD }}
- name: Build and push Docker image
uses: docker/build-push-action@0a196c9debcb2a8c801667d284cc098c0fe08d7f
uses: docker/build-push-action@04841f2a72f42f983fee5aeaea3f39559ff858f2
push: true
file: ${{ matrix.dockerfile }}
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