Commit 956f18de authored by dirk.wintergruen's avatar dirk.wintergruen


parent ac480a74
......@@ -513,10 +513,20 @@ class Analyser(object):
#gam = 0.1 # difficulty of moving up a state; larger gamma --> harder to move up states, less bursty
n = len(d) # number of timepoints
cnt = 0
with open("/tmp/uniq_w","w",encoding="utf-8") as outf:
for w in self.uniqueWords:
unique_words_tmp = filter(filter_func, self.uniqueWords)
unique_words_list = list(unique_words_tmp)
size = 300
with open("/tmp/uniq_w_l", "w", encoding="utf-8") as outf:
for w in unique_words_list:
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