Commit 369b4b29 authored by dirk.wintergruen's avatar dirk.wintergruen
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added more logging and new paramter

parent 66b06c30
......@@ -915,6 +915,7 @@ def projectBipartiteParallel2(
Creates a projection onto one of the types of projections (new implementation should be faster than projectBipartiteParallel.
......@@ -929,14 +930,18 @@ def projectBipartiteParallel2(
:param vattr_name: defaults to name, attribute which unitquely defines an edge
:param save_intermediate:
:param eattr_name:
:param check_bipartite: defaults true, check if network is bipartitet, can take a while therefore set to false if you are sure.
""""start - bipartite")
assert og.is_bipartite() == True, "Graph is not pipartite!"
if check_bipartite:
logger.debug("check - bipartite")
assert og.is_bipartite() == True, "Graph is not pipartite!"
if inverse:
logger.debug("inverse ist set")
og.vs["NOT_%s" % types] = [not x for x in og.vs[types]]
types = "NOT_%s" % types"create_inc")
......@@ -945,7 +950,7 @@ def projectBipartiteParallel2(
# first find all nodes for the projection which have non zero entries in incidence matrix
nodes_list = []
igraph.write(og, "/tmp/ogr.picklez") # todo this has to be become sager
igraph.write(og, "/tmp/ogr.picklez") # todo this should be hidden by the user"start creating batches")
# Zähle wie viele links in jeder Zeile
cnt_links = {}
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