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* Find texlive docker image.
* Add .gitlab-ci.yml
* talk about badges.
* Talk about test running policy: each commit/only master/only on tags...
* Talk about artifacts.
* talk about paper repo.
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\begin{frame}{But I want the \code{unittests:passing} badge!}
\begin{frame}{Use case 2: integration tests}
We had some tests that ``simulates'' our deployed system, i.e.
\item Plugs together all the componenets in our project.
\item Spins up the server.
\item Creates a client.
\item The client fires a few hundred requests.
\item We check if the server was able to handle all these requests.
Running these tests didn't fit in the basic CI/CD paradigm:
\item Takes too long to run.
\item We didn't need this to run on every commit to every branch.
We wanted a nighly run of these ``integration tests'' on master.
\begin{frame}{How to set this up?}
\begin{frame}{Use case 3: writing a paper!}
\begin{frame}{How to set it up?}
\begin{frame}{But I like jupyter notebooks too!}
\begin{frame}{What more can/should one do with CI/CD pipelines?}
\item Multi project pipelines.
\item Run unittests on merge requests.
\item Skipping the pipeline on certain commits (e.g. changing the \code{README}).
\item Artifacts: (this is how I created this talk)
\item Publish your package to PyPi.
\item Upload the docs to \code{readthedocs}.
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