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\title{GitLab pipelines for every need}
\title{GitLab Pipelines for Every Need}
Debsankha Manik
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\begin{frame}{CI/CD pipelines: core idea}
\begin{frame}{CI/CD Pipelines: Core Idea}
\framesubtitle{Apply well defined operations on the codebase automatically}
On each commit (or according to some fine-tuned criteria):
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\begin{frame}{Use case 1: automated testing}
\begin{frame}{Use Case 1: Automated Testing}
\alertitem Let's say a codebase has a comprehensive test suite.
\alertitem But new team member cannot run it.
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\begin{frame}{We Can Have Exactly That}
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\begin{frame}{Use CI/CD pipelines to run the tests}
\begin{frame}{How: Use a CI/CD Pipeline to Run the Tests}
\item Choose docker image.
\item Install dependencies using package manager e.g. \code{apt}.
\item Run the test suite.
\alertitem Choose docker image with base dependencies your software needs to
\alertitem Install additional dependencies using package manager e.g.
\code{apt}, if needed.
\alertitem Run the test suite using whatever test runner you want.
\alertitem So long the shell gets a $0$ return code on sucess and
nonzero on failure.
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