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talk almost complete, some fleshing out to do in part 3

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\setbeamerfont{page number in head/foot}{size=\large}
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\begin{frame}[fragile]{How to set this up?}
\begin{frame}[fragile]{How to Set This Up?}
\begin{frame}{Use case 2: integration tests}
\begin{frame}{Use Case 2: Integration Tests}
We had some tests that ``simulates'' our deployed system, i.e.
\item Plugs together all the componenets in our project.
\item Installs all the componenets of our software.
\item Spins up the server.
\item Creates a client.
\item Creates clients.
\item The client fires a few hundred requests.
\item We check if the server was able to handle all these requests.
\item We check if the server was able to handle all these requests, satisfying
some predefined criteria.
......@@ -141,19 +143,43 @@ Running these tests didn't fit in the basic CI/CD paradigm:
We wanted a nighly run of these ``integration tests'' on master.
\begin{frame}{How to set this up?}
\begin{frame}{We Ended Up With This}
\begin{frame}{Use case 3: writing a paper!}
\begin{frame}{How to Set it up?}
\alertitem Spcify an environment as before using \code{docker}.
\alertitem Specify a new \code{stage} in the CI pipeline that is to be
triggered only on schedule, not automatically on each commit.
\alertitem Generate custom badges displaying this stage passes/fails.
\begin{frame}{Use Case 3: \sout{Writing a Paper} Making This Presentation}
Add screenshot/demo.
\begin{frame}{How to set it up?}
\alertitem Use docker image with \code{texlive}.
\alertitem Use \code{latexmk} to compile PDF in the CI pipeline.
\begin{frame}{But I like jupyter notebooks too!}
\begin{frame}{Setting up Runners}
\begin{frame}{What more can/should one do with CI/CD pipelines?}
\item Multi project pipelines.
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