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The first snippet now actually looks good. No edges cut off

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# specify a docker image
image: debsankhamanik/ecoptimizer_testenv:latest
# Run necessary steps before pipeline can be run
- python -V # Print out python version for debugging
# install itself using pip
- pip install -e .[dev]
# define two stages: unittest and integration_test
before_script: # Steps before pipeline can be run
- pip install -e .[dev] # install itself using pip
stages: # define two stages
- unittest
- integration_test
# job unittests, belongs to stage unittests
stage: unittest
# here goes the command that is actually run
- python ecoptimizer/testing/ run_unittests
# job integration tests, belongs to stage integration tests
script: # here goes the command that is actually run
- python run_unittests
stage: integration_test
# do not run this for commits to non-master branches
only: # run this only for master branch
- master
- python ecoptimizer/testing/ run_integration_tests
- python run_integration_tests
......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@
\begin{frame}[fragile]{How to set this up?}
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