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......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ For running the application docker and docker-compose are also required.
1. Clone the repository with: `git clone`
2. Copy `.env.dist` to `.env`. Add all required parameters to the `.env` file, such as the S3 and search index configuration.
3. Change the premission of solr folder with: `sudo chmod -R 777 solr`
2. Install backend dependencies with; `docker-compose exec web composer install`.
2. Install backend dependencies with: `docker-compose up -d` and `docker-compose exec web composer install`.
4. Install frontend dependencies with `nvm use && yarn install`.
5. Install the assets with: `yarn run encore dev --watch`
6. Import, transform and index the TEI files with: `docker-compose exec web ./bin/console app:start_indexing`
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