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Add docs for XSLT

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
This script produces Solr XML documents.
Field 'fulltext_html'
This field contains the HTML representation of the text of a TEI document (e. g. a Goethe letter).
The Goethe letters are composed of different parts, for example 'opener', 'closer', 'salute'.
All those parts are represented here as <div>'s with the corresponding CSS classes.
The frontend viewer must decide how to format those parts and present them to the user.
Also, the original TEI files contain mark-up for many in-text parts, like dates, names, underlined words, etc.
Most of these are also transformed to <div>'s with their own CSS classes.
Although the in-text parts are by nature inline elements, we use here <div>'s and not <span>'s.
The reason is that Solr seems to have problems when highlighting fields that contain <span>'s
by sometimes producing corrupt HTML.
By using <div>'s, we avoid this problem.
In the frontend, these <div>'s must be set to 'display: inline'.
Some other in-text parts are transformed to special HTML elements.
For example, superscripted text is marked as <sup>, because HTML offers the appropriate element.
The project is still continuing and new TEI files are being produced.
That's why there might be new elements in the future that cannot be handled yet in this script.
The text of such TEI elements is enclosed in HTML elements of class 'unknown-element'.
Furthermore, a warning message is generated that contains data of the first occurrence of such a new element.
<xsl:stylesheet version="2.0" xmlns:xsl=""
xpath-default-namespace="" xmlns:gfl=""
xmlns:xs="" xmlns:saxon="" exclude-result-prefixes="gfl saxon xs">
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