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......@@ -71,9 +71,14 @@ Furthermore, a warning message is generated that contains data of the first occu
<xsl:variable name="currentText" select="replace(., '\s+', ' ')" />
<xsl:when test="ends-with(., '-')">
<!-- These are cases where one word is divided between two lines.
The minus sign is removed here, the line break (<lb/>) is removed in its own template. -->
<xsl:value-of select="substring($currentText, 1, string-length($currentText)-1)" />
<xsl:when test="ends-with(., '&#0173;')">
<!-- A soft hyphen is a convention to mark a hyphen that belongs to the word or is a hyphen on its own.
For now, it is just replaced by a minus sign.
Later, it might be useful to differentiate between word divisions and hyphens. -->
<xsl:value-of select="replace($currentText, '&#0173;', '-')" />
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