2.0.0 (2022-09-21)

Bug Fixes

  • add .gitignore (0dfe544)
  • add properties file (4e2b849)
  • add test for NoSuchElementExceptions getting artefact titles (580e87e)
  • add tgcrud endpoiont (4191f3a)
  • and still more test ignorance (8eae407)
  • fix tests (47ca582)
  • remove log settings, put into log config file (1d8c7df)
  • somehow move files from somewhere to elsewhere due to Eclipse issues (fe550cb)
  • update ignore testing (9954389)


  • remvoe SID from code (e4d6468)
  • take out tgcrud client dependencies, add them to OAI-PMH service (97c3a54)


  • params did change
  • Instantiating an ImageMetsMods object needs to set a SID to get proper non-public responses from TG-crud