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try copy/remove instead of single move call

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......@@ -55,9 +55,9 @@ return
(: error(QName("FONTANE", "INSTALLATION"), "response from tgsearch is not satisfying.") :)
declare variable $moveProject1 := xmldb:move("/db/apps/fontane/sade-projects", "/db");
declare variable $moveProject1 := xmldb:copy-collection("/db/apps/fontane/sade-projects", "/db", true());
declare variable $log1 := util:log-system-out("moved 1");
declare variable $moveProject2 := xmldb:move("/db/apps/fontane/system/config/db/sade-projects", "/db/system/config/db");
declare variable $moveProject2 := xmldb:copy-collection("/db/apps/fontane/system/config/db/sade-projects", "/db/system/config/db", true());
declare variable $log2 := util:log-system-out("moved 2");
declare variable $moveProject3 := xmldb:move("/db/apps/fontane/system/autostart", "/db/system");
declare variable $log3 := util:log-system-out("moved 3");
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