Commit f7a02863 authored by Mathias Goebel's avatar Mathias Goebel
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remove invalid gnd ids (invalid xml:id)

parent ce3a80c2
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......@@ -11465,7 +11465,6 @@
<gnd xml:id="gnd1081040653" db-url=""/>
<gnd xml:id="gnd1081040688" db-url=""/>
<gnd xml:id="gnd108104070X" db-url=""/>
<gnd xml:id="gnd1081040734," db-url=",.html#allcontent"/>
<gnd xml:id="gnd1081040777" db-url=""/>
<gnd xml:id="gnd108104084X" db-url=""/>
<gnd xml:id="gnd1081040858" db-url=""/>
......@@ -12649,7 +12648,6 @@
<gnd xml:id="gnd1081944773" db-url=""/>
<gnd xml:id="gnd1081949503" db-url=""/>
<gnd xml:id="gnd1081950013" db-url=""/>
<gnd xml:id="gnd1081950226," db-url=",.html#allcontent"/>
<gnd xml:id="gnd1081950307" db-url=""/>
<gnd xml:id="gnd1081950463" db-url=""/>
<gnd xml:id="gnd1081950706" db-url=""/>
......@@ -12695,7 +12693,6 @@
<gnd xml:id="gnd1081959355" db-url=""/>
<gnd xml:id="gnd108195955X" db-url=""/>
<gnd xml:id="gnd1081959614" db-url=""/>
<gnd xml:id="gnd108195972X+" db-url=""/>
<gnd xml:id="gnd1081960159" db-url=""/>
<gnd xml:id="gnd1081960531" db-url=""/>
<gnd xml:id="gnd1081961171" db-url=""/>
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