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XQSuite added

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......@@ -5,9 +5,20 @@ import module namespace config="" at "../config
import module namespace console="";
declare namespace tei="";
declare namespace test="";
declare namespace tgmd="";
declare namespace xhtml="";
declare variable $f-misc:metadata-collection := collection("/db/sade-projects/textgrid/data/xml/meta");
%test:arg("baseUri","textgrid:16b00") %test:assertEquals("Notizbuch C07")
%test:arg("baseUri","") %test:assertEquals("")
function f-misc:get-title-by-baseUri($baseUri as xs:string) as xs:string? {
if($baseUri = "") then () else
$f-misc:metadata-collection//tgmd:object[tgmd:generic/tgmd:generated/tgmd:textgridUri[starts-with(., $baseUri)]]//tgmd:title/string()
declare function f-misc:cite($node as node(), $model as map(*)) {
let $url := request:get-url(),
$res := tokenize($url, '/')[last()],
xquery version "3.1";
import module namespace test=""
at "resource:org/exist/xquery/lib/xqsuite/xqsuite.xql";
(: this is the main test script for fontane specific modules.
it should run during startup and stores the results at /db/test-results.xml
where all other test suites should add their two pennies worth.
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