Commit 1a2e0897 authored by Mathias Goebel's avatar Mathias Goebel 🎠
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try multiple logins

parent 483febc0
......@@ -38,7 +38,8 @@ let $uris := (doc('/db/sade-projects/textgrid/data/xml/agg/' || $agg)
let $lastMod := $uris ! xmldb:last-modified($f-indexproc:dataPath, . || '.xml')
if(not(xmldb:login($collection-uri, config:get('sade.user'), config:get("sade.password"))))
if(not(xmldb:login($collection-uri, config:get('sade.user'), config:get("sade.password")))
and not(xmldb:login($collection-uri, "admin", "")))
then error(QName("FONTANE", "INDEXVIEW1"), "unable to authenticate.")
if( xmldb:last-modified($collection-uri, $resource) gt max($lastMod) )
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