Commit 54cd85c8 authored by mrodzis's avatar mrodzis 💪
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Add information about relationship to Fontane (cf. print#28)

parent 0d17b612
......@@ -925,7 +925,13 @@ $index-type as xs:string) as element()* {
(fontaneSimple:make-term("birth", $birth),
fontaneSimple:make-term("death", $death),
fontaneSimple:make-term("occupation", $occupation))
fontaneSimple:make-term("occupation", $occupation),
if(index-info:get-info-about($index-type, $ref, "relation-to-fontane")) then
let $relation := index-info:get-info-about($index-type, $ref, "relation-to-fontane")
fontaneSimple:make-term("relation-to-fontane", $relation)
case "wrk" return
(: the index "wrk" not only encompasses works but
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