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Add test for 3.7.6 sketches with rotation

parent f8d593d3
......@@ -1446,3 +1446,13 @@ declare
function teisimple-test:sketches-as-entities($node as element(*)) {
fontaneSimple:transform($node, "16b00")
(: 3.7.6 sketches with rotation -- clarified 2018-11-20 :)
%test:name("3.7.13 sketches as entities")
%test:args("<zone xmlns="""" type=""illustration"" ulx=""1.3"" uly=""7.6"" lrx=""5.3"" lry=""12.8""><milestone unit=""illustration""/><zone rotate=""128"" ulx=""4.2"" uly=""11.6""><line>Peristylium</line></zone><zone rotate=""158"" ulx=""4.4"" uly=""9.2""><line>Atrium</line></zone><zone rotate=""177"" ulx=""5.7"" uly=""7.5""><line>Alae</line></zone></zone>")
function teisimple-test:sketches-with-rotation($node as element(*)) {
fontaneSimple:transform($node, "16b00")
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