Commit 567ac16b authored by Mathias Goebel's avatar Mathias Goebel 🎠
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Archivare bekommen immer "Schrift: Latein"

parent 26f602b3
...@@ -914,8 +914,12 @@ element xhtml:span { ...@@ -914,8 +914,12 @@ element xhtml:span {
then tokenize($segLang, "-")[last()] then tokenize($segLang, "-")[last()]
else tokenize($scripthS/@script, ' ')[. = ('Latn', 'Latf')] else tokenize($scripthS/@script, ' ')[. = ('Latn', 'Latf')]
let $script := for $s in $script let $script :=
return if(starts-with($hand, "Archivar"))
then "Latein"
for $s in $script
switch($s) switch($s)
case 'Latn' return 'Latein' case 'Latn' return 'Latein'
case 'Latf' return 'Kurrent' case 'Latf' return 'Kurrent'
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