Commit aa64d923 authored by mrodzis's avatar mrodzis 💪
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Merge branch 'feature/#121-index-fontanes-works-in-title' into 'develop'

Feature/#121 index fontanes works in title

Closes #121

See merge request !54
parents a54cc05f 5f3b158f
......@@ -14,7 +14,6 @@ import module namespace config="" at "../config
import module namespace f-misc="" at "misc.xqm";
import module namespace functx="";
declare namespace foaf="";
declare namespace gndo="";
declare namespace ore="";
......@@ -1386,7 +1385,18 @@ else
let $date := $work/tei:date
let $note := $work/tei:note
let $bibl := $work/tei:bibl
let $creator := $work/tei:linkGrp/tei:link[@corresp=""]
let $creator :=
( $work/tei:linkGrp/tei:link[@corresp=""],
if($work/ancestor::tei:list[@type = "Fontane"]) then
(: at this point we fake a tei:link to deal with the implicit creator
relation in case of Theodor Fontane's works. This is necessary to
achieve a reference to Fontane's index entry when having a look at
one of his works on register.html. :)
element tei:link {
attribute corresp {""},
attribute target {"#" || $work/@xml:id/string() || " psn:Fontane_Theodor"}
else () )
let $translationOf := $work/tei:linkGrp/tei:link[@corresp=""]
let $formerCurrentLocation := $work/tei:linkGrp/tei:link[@corresp=""]
let $links := $work/tei:linkGrp/tei:link[@corresp=""]
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