Commit ae5e1b4c authored by Mathias Goebel's avatar Mathias Goebel 🎠
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options must be last

parent a2f8ced7
......@@ -7,8 +7,6 @@ xquery version "3.1";
module namespace f-indexviewer="";
declare option exist:output-size-limit "200000000";
import module namespace f-indexproc="" at "index-processor.xqm";
import module namespace config="" at "../config/config.xqm";
import module namespace console="";
......@@ -19,6 +17,8 @@ declare namespace tei="";
declare namespace test="";
declare namespace xhtml="";
declare option exist:output-size-limit "200000000";
(: Main cache function
: @return path to the cached document :)
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